Pick 'N' Mix Hamper

Indulge your sweet tooth with this fantastic pick 'n' mix hamper! Crammed full of the tastiest sweets making a perfect treat for any candy lover!




  • Strawberry Belts x 100g
  • Mega Snowies x 100g
  • Chocolate Jazzies x 100g
  • Mini Rainbow Belts x 100g
  • Jelly Strawberries x 100g
  • Giant Snakes x 100g
  • Giant Crocodiles x 100g
  • Giant Fizzy Cola Bottles x 100g
  • Mini Fried Eggs x 100g
  • Blue Raspberry Bonbons x 100g
  • Fizzy Twin Cherries x 100g
  • Fizzy Sour Dummies x 100g
  • Fizzy Bears x 100g
  • Cola Bottles x 100g


*Please note, if any of the listed products are out of stock, we will replace them with similar products of equal value. 

Pick 'N' Mix Hamper