Candy Hamper

This candy hamper is crammed full with goodies ranging from the well known and much loved Haribos to the retro chews such as Drumsticks and Refreshers! Makes a perfect gift for someone with a sweet tooth!




  • Blue raspberry Bonbons x 100g
  • Watermelong Wedges x 100g
  • White Mice Packet x 1
  • Jazzles White Chocolate Packet x 1
  • Jazzles Milk Chocolate Packet x 1
  • Haribo Giant Strawberries x 50g 
  • Fizzers x 1
  • Parma Violets x1
  • Drumstick Chew Bar Original x 1
  • Drumstick Chew Bar Rhubarb And Custard x 1
  • Drumstick Chew Bar Bubblegum x 1
  • Refresher Chew Bar Original x 1
  • Refresher Chew Bar Strawberry x 1 
  • Refresher Chew Bar Sour Apple x 1 
  • Stinger Chew Bar x 1


*Please note, if any of the listed products are out of stock, we will replace them with similar products of equal value. 

Candy Hamper