Boys Hamper

This hamper is packed full with delicious goodies! Ranging from Gummy Fries to Swizzels famous Double Dips! Makes a perfect gift for someone with a sweet tooth!




  • Blue Raspberry Spaghetti 80g x 1
  • Double Dips x1
  • Sour Blast Grenade Spray x1
  • Jazzles x 1
  • Candy Sticks x2
  • Golf Balls x 1
  • Funny Fruity Chews x1
  • Whacky Chew Bar x1
  • Bebeto Metre Roll x1
  • Tango Funkee Dip x1
  • Gummy Burger x1
  • Gummy Fries x1
  • Tango Shocker Chew Bar x1
  • Chew Sticks x2
  • Tango Popping Candy x 1
  • Popping Candy x1
  • Jawbreakers x1
  • Vimto Lollies x2
  • Tango Sour Blast x1
  • Candy Watch x1
  • Mega Double Lolly x1
  • Chocolate Sports Balls x 50g


*Please note, if any of the listed products are out of stock, we will replace them with similar products of equal value. 

Boys Hamper


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